Postdoc en University of California, Davis.

Interesados contactar con el Profesor David R. Smart. E-mail: Job Description: The successful candidate must have completed a Ph.D in Remote Sensing Science, Plant Physiology, Plant Physiological Ecology, Irrigation Science, Horticulture & Agronomy or a related field. The successful candidate will be responsible for gathering and processing of meteorological flux tower data, gathering data from neutron probe accessed boreholes, measuring stem water potential and maintaining and measuring evaporation from micro-lysimeters all used to ground verify output from the VSIM evapotranspiration model.  The candidate must have sufficient field experience to lead field campaigns and training in the gathering of Leaf Area Index using the fisheye camera approach is desirable. The Fraction of Intercepted radiation can be calculated from the above measures from mainly in a vineyard (but possibly on occasion in an almond and a pistachio orchard where the field equipment was previously established). The postdoctoral scholar should have strong familiarity with remote sensing science and will be responsible for relating ground verification measurements with the Remote Sensed Vegetation and Water Stress Indexes (NDVI and Thermal Infrared) obtained with high resolution multispectral and thermal infrared imagery. The successful candidate will be asked to coordinate with private remote sensing interests and to organize and accompany laboratory personnel on field campaigns to collect data from the vineyard during satellite flyovers. There is tremendous potential for participating and publishing in other related projects.